Our association

Created on May 20, 1998, the Professional Association of Shipping Agents, Shipping Agents and Charter Brokers of Morocco (APRAM) is a non-profit association that brings together nearly fifty member companies located in all ports. of the Kingdom at the level of which it has regional delegations.


Our strengths

Since its creation, APRAM has paid particular attention to the grouping of business leaders...


APRAM, force of proposal

APRAM has always been a source of proposals and a dynamic partner at the service of the maritime sector and the port community.


Training at APRAM

APRAM continues to place education and training as a priority in its action plan for upgrading the human resources of its member companies...


Standard Quality

the FONASBA Quality Standard is specially designed for the maritime sector, unlike other certifications which are valid for all sectors of activity...


Customs categorization

With customs categorization, APRAM continues to engage in the certification of its member companies to adapt their management to international standards...


Maritime transport, an essential vector of international trade

Maritime transport transports more than three quarters of the goods transported in the world, excluding intra-Community trade, and provides more than a third of trade between the Member States of the European Union.

Compulsory passage for almost all foreign trade, the maritime sector ensures the delivery of more than 95% of the goods exchanged between Morocco and the rest of the world.

Thus, it plays a leading role in Morocco’s economic development policy and its trade.

In a context of free trade, it is vital in view of its impact on strengthening the international competitiveness of Moroccan industry.

Events and News